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Suspension Services

We provide Race Tech, Motowoz, & Elka suspension services and sales.




All of our re-valves are custom set-up for each rider. We start by first getting the proper springs for your weight & riding ability. We then completely disassemble and clean all parts. All wear parts are then inspected, measured, & replaced if necessary. Next we build & install a custom shim stack and finally oil is added & clickers are set.

All Services include complete dis-assembly & cleaning of all components. All components are inspected & measures for wear, then reassembled using only genuine OEM parts and oil.

Re-valve pricing includes valving parts, oil, & labor. Worn parts, like seals & bushings, cost extra. Springs may also be needed and are not included in the list price. We suggest replacing all worn parts at the time of service.

Motorcycle Suspension Form:

Print and fill out this form then send it along with your suspension.
ESR Suspension Service Form